Silence Weekend

40 hours of Silence
Weekend: July 26 to July 28, 2013
Units 10 & 11/ 9 – 13 Hutton Road, The Entrance North

Arrival: Friday, July 26…after 4 pm
Dinner (provided): 7 pm
Getting to know everybody & introduction to the Silence and Mindfulness
Friday, July 26 – 10 pm to Sunday, July 28 – 2 pm
Healthy Breakfast and Dinner provided (8 am/7 pm)
Bring Lunch or Snack of your choice
Silence is in the Being or Doing – Awareness is the key
The preparation of a sandwich – in present-moment awareness is as important and transformational as sitting in meditation;
walking slowly and mindfully along the beach;
painting, drawing, reading or writing …

On Sunday, we break the silence after lunch and share our experiences, insights and inspirations.

Entire experience – $ 250 p.p.
Twin-share accommodation (2 KS, 2 x QS, 2 x DB, 2 SB), sleeps 12
Beautiful brand-new apartments on the beach


What is it that you really, really want?

What is it that you really, really want?

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In order to create something new in our life – this might be the most important question you could ask:

What is it that I REALLY, REALLY want?

Are you crystal clear on your vision? – or are you too busy, trying to make ends meet, to even think about it?

I talk to many people who have watched the Secret or follow ‘the Law of Attraction’ – and even more who are like my disillusioned friend Lynne who has tried it all, but doesn’t see the results. The more she tries to attract financial freedom, the further away it seems to go. She was close to tears when she told me that she is working harder than ever before, has less time, less money and feels physically and mentally exhausted.

She is not alone. I have recently organized a weekend for 23 people to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a very special spiritual movement: Everyone loved the idea, everyone wanted to come, and NEEDED the break, but only one person could commit to 2 nights, 9 others to Saturday night only – most could only come for a few hours, here or there. Only three years ago, this was a totally different situation: the same people, but everyone had time, was relaxed, had fun and put in some effort to add to a show or a talent quest.

What has happened to us?

Are we so busy ‘DOING’, that there is no more time to simply ‘BE’? I believe that we have one job-description, and one only:

To hold the best vision of ourselves…to hold ‘the FIELD’ – and the happiness follows.

Everything is ENERGY. Every thought, every emotion, every thing in our lives vibrates at a particular frequency. The present financial state, as well as your health, well-being, relationship, – everything – is the reflection of our past thought-forms. If we don’t like any part of our life – what energy do we hold MOST of the time?

Do you set the frequency every morning, before you even open your eyes?

Do you ask for the help of your invisible guides? When you are really in the flow of life, ideas and inspirations stream in, inspire, uplift and miracles are a daily occurance.

Creating prosperity is a path of spiritual transformation – long before it translates into the attraction of more income.


Healing Weekend @ Hoi by the Sea

Friday, JULY 5 – Sunday, JULY 7, 2013

Healing Body – Mind – Spirit

Learn to use EFT and other SELF HEALING TOOLS to

– find relief from chronic pain

– remove stress and anxieties

– lose weight

– create abundance

– release traumas from your subconscious

– find your passion and live it!

When? Friday, July 5 (4 pm) – Sunday, July 7, 2013 (4 pm)
Where? Unit 10 / 9-13 Hutton Road, The Entrance North
Why? Heal and transform your financial, physical and emotional pain.Program:
Arrival on Friday, 3/5 – 4 pm or after
Dinner 7 pm – get-together, discussions, getting to know each otherSaturday, 4/5
Sunrise and Swim (optional)
Breakfast 8 – 9 am
EFT, Discussing the Matrix, Healing Code etc.
  Lunch 12 – 1 pm
  Harmonisation, Silence, Relaxation
Dinner 7 pmSunday, 5/5
Sunrise and Swim (optional)
Breakfast 8 -9 am
  Discussion of observations, Q&A, EFT…
Lunch 12 – 1 pm
Departure – 3 or 4 pm

Cooking Easy and Healthy Meals To prepare fast

Cooking Easy and Healthy Meals

To prepare fast food can be very easy, healthy and fun

Learn how to during this Weekend:
July 19 – July 21, 2013
U10  9-13 Hutton Road, The Entrance North

Friday, July 19 – 4 pm
Easy Dinner Preparation: 6 pm

Dinner: 7 pm

Saturday, July 20
Swim – optional
Breakfast Preparation: 8.30 am
Breakfast: 9 am

 – time to relax, chat, swim, read, bike ride…
Lunch Preparation: 11 am

Lunch: 12 pm
– time to yourself
– Healthy food discussion

Dinner Preparation: 5 pm
Dinner: 7 pm

Followed by a Party!

Sunday, July 21
Swim – optional
Breakfast Preparation: 8 am
Followed by Breakfast, Chats, Q&A

Lunch Preparation: 11 am
Lunch: 12 pm

Departure: 3 or 4 pm

July of Transformation


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When a young man booked in for the entire month of July 2013 to:

– lose weight, drink juices and sleep for 1 week

– transform old patterns through the therapy of “Family Constellation” during week 2

– remove blocks to achieve financial, physical and emotional freedom and abundance in week 3

– heal, focus, and open the creative, intuitive channels in week 4

…I decided to offer the month to anyone who wishes to do the same.

BOOK IN for a MONTH – a WEEK – or just a WEEKEND!

It’s an exciting adventure that I am looking forward to be a part of, too.

Are you committed to changing your weight? your energy level? your zest in life? your health?

Check it out:

Love to see you!

Recipe of the Month – Sweethearts

Recipe of the Month – Sweet Hearts …yummy and healthy

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These are originally protein balls (size of a walnut) – which is really a better size shape to eat:

In your thermamix or any other strong blender, pulse the following ingredients to medium or fine (I prefer medium) texture:

70 g Organic Coconut Oil

20 g Shredded Coconut

50 g Macademia nuts

70 g Almonds (activated or raw)

2 tbsp. Protein Powder (good quality)

20 g Cranberries

4 pc Chrystalized ginger (or 1 cm healthy fresh) – optional

50 g Dates

70 g Cashew nuts

Make sure the texture is fine enough to easily roll into balls or hearts. I often push a rash almond into the middle of the ball to add a crunchy bit for great taste and surprise – like life itself. You can substitute nuts to your liking, leave one type of nut or the shredded coconut away if you don’t like it, experiment with different protein powders, change coconut oil for cocoa butter etc. BE creative! Have fun!

Tip: Some people like or need to take supplements, powders, liquids etc….I once added shell-flour (which I used to forget to ‘eat’) to the mixture, which didn’t affect the taste at all. I suggest, only to add taste-less supplements.